• Prospective Students

    Benefits of an Ubah Education

    Ubah Academy strives to provide a rigorous and relevant education, uniquely designed to meet the cultural needs of East African students, that will prepare them for college and the pursuit of meaningful careers in our community. In addition to being designated a 2012 and 2013 Reward School, the Minnesota Department of Education ranked Ubah Academy as the second highest performing Charter School in Minnesota serving the highest population of poverty (over 85%). Ubah is welcoming to all students, but is designed to meet the unique needs of international students and their families in a culturally sensitive environment.  

    • Free tuition
    • Free transportation
    • Small class sizes
    • Halal school breakfast & lunch
    • Dedicated students, teachers, staff, and families
    • Counseling Center for students and their families


    Academic Excellence

    Ubah offers a comprehensive and challenging high school curriculum for students.  A wide variety of course offerings are available, including Arabic classes, ELL classes, and College Prep courses. 

    College Preparation

    Ubah provides both in-class and extracurricular opportunities to equip and prepare students for college, including the PACE program, College Possible, and College in the Schools (CIS). Please see the College Information section of the Students page for more information.

    Enrollment Information

    We accept applications for enrollment throughout the year. However, it is to a student's advantage to transfer at the beginning or end of a grading period. In order to accelerate the application process, it is important that students provide us with their academic records (official transcripts, immunization records, etc.).

    To Enroll at Ubah Academy, please download, complete, and return the Enrollment Application to our school's Main Office.


    Contact Eric Brandt, Assistant Director, at 952.540.2942 by email with your questions. eric.brandt@umahs.org

    Contact Madina Djibril, Office Manager, at 952.540.2942 by email with your questions. Madina.Djibril@umahs.org  

    Contact Eric Brandt, attendance clerk, at 952.540.2942 by email with your questions. Muna.ahmed@umahs.org