• Frequently Asked Questions

    When was Ubah founded?

    Ubah Medical Academy opened its doors in the Fall of the 2004-2005 school year with approximately 90 students. In three years, Ubah outgrew its facility and moved to its current location in Hopkins, Minnesota. Ubah is part of a K-12 International Educational System. See the Community Partners page for more information.

    Where is the Ubah school building located?

    Ubah Medical Academy is located at 1600 Main Street in Hopkins, Minnesota (formerly the Katherine Curren Elementary School). Ubah has been leasing the facility from the Hopkins School District since the 2007-2008 school year.

    What does "Ubah" mean?

    In Somali, "Ubah" means flower.

    What is the school logo, and what does it represent?

    The Ubah school logo includes the medical symbol amidst a flower to signify our focus on the study medicine, health, and the life sciences.  The flower represents the growth and development of our students.

    What is the cost to attend Ubah Medical Academy? 

    There is no cost to attend Ubah Medical Academy. Because we are a charter school, we are able to offer an environment that is rich with unique learning opportunities for our students. 

    How many students attend Ubah? 

    Approximately 400 students, the majority of whom are East African immigrants.

    Why is Ubah called a "Medical" Academy? 

    Many East African youth have spent time in refugee camps where they experienced first-hand the dire consequences of living in a community that does not have access to medical resources. We believe that a school that provides a curriculum enriched in medicine, health, and the life sciences is essential not only for members of the East African community, but for all of the recent immigrant communities in the Twin Cities.