• Upcoming Regular Meeting Notice:

    On Friday, September 13, 2024, Ubah Academy School Board will have its next regularly scheduled board meeting via Zoom at 2:30pm.  A link to attend this meeting will be posted below by 2:00pm that day.


    2024-2025 School Board Meeting Schedule   

    ~Friday, September 13th at 2:30pm

    ~Friday, October 11th at 2:30pm

    ~Friday, November 8th at 2:30pm

    ~Friday, December 13th at 2:30pm

    ~Friday, January 10th at 2:30pm 

    ~Friday, February 14th at 2:30pm 

    ~Friday, March 14th at 2:30pm 

    ~Friday, April 11th at 2:30pm

    ~Friday, May 9th at 2:30pm

    ~Friday, June 6th at 2:30pm

    *Indicates a special board meeting.

    **Indicates an emergency board meeting.